Monday, May 28, 2012

My furniture finds to refinish and repurpose!!

I forgot to take before pictures of the buffet, probably because I was so excited to start working on it and it was sooooo ugly before I didn't really care to have a picture of it.  I snapped it up at a yard sale and thought it might work in my eat-in kitchen, I was right!!

So with my next project I decided to document the transformation!

This is a TV stand that I got about 7 years ago, it served us well as a stand for a few years and then it went unused for a few years...


Emme already likes it!

It's going to look so cute by the backdoor, not to mention it'll be great to have a place to sit while we put on our shoes!

My next project:  (I'm thinking blue?!)


Gerry said...

What a transformation! :) Kudos! The paint job looks excellent! It looks so smooth even on your zoomed picture. What did you use to paint it? And by the way, the color complemented your wall well. The combination exudes a cheerful ambiance. :)

Gerry Bossier