Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can't wait for Christmas!

This weekend we had Joe's work Christmas party.

Santa was there and Joseph loved getting a gift and opening it by very slowly tearing the paper off in tiny little pieces.

This preview of Christmas morning only makes us more excited because we know that he's going to open all of the gifts under the tree! Of course we also have found out that wrapped gifts have to be kept hidden until the time they are allowed to be opened, because there is no slowing him down when he sees gifts under the tree...

Joseph has also figured out that he can be about a foot taller if he pushes his chair up to the counter. He did this all by himself. I am secretly hoping that he'll forget that he can do it one night while he's sleeping. Until then I have to keep my counters clean.

Unfortunately, Joseph was sick the last couple days so he wasn't able to help us bake cookies. I bet he would have loved to help but instead he took nap number 3 for the day while dad and mom made 2 batches of cookies! Poor kid.