Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture day!

Today was family picture day...and I think the results were pretty good. We've got lots to share!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Projects, Projects and MORE Projects!!!
Well, we are keeping busy since the weather has cooled down a little. Fall projects are just getting started!
Daddy is working on the super-fun backyard playground:

Ok, so daddy's project is only in the layout stage so you can't really see just how super-fun it's going to be yet. You may need to use your imagination a little!!

And Mommy is working on a super-cool playroom in the bonus room:

It's on it's first coat of paint in this picture, there are many more to come!! Not to mention a really fun theme...which is going to be a surprise. Joseph doesn't know that his playroom is being transformed, so don't tell him! Can't wait to un-veil the final project and watch Joseph react.

Today we made a day out of the Life and Science Museum in beautiful Durham, NC. The dinosaur exhibit was a hit with the little guy, as was the train ride!
They even have one dinosaur you can climb on!

Family on the train ride:

Rock climbing wall:

The 'Catch the Wind' exhibit:

Joseph liked the big wings to flap!