Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wrightsville Beach

Joseph and I decided to go to the beach on our day off! We had a beautiful day there and encountered rain only on our drive home.

While there Joseph's new sand toys got plenty of breaking in, and are all ready for our trip to Hilton Head in July!! We had fun playing in the surf too! Joseph kept saying "Here comes the water" for each wave coming towards us, and "weeeee" when it hit us. We can't wait to go to the beach again!!!!

Dinner on the road for Joseph:

Sprinkler Fun!

The sod needed some water, it's been hot and dry here, so out came the sprinkler and Joseph. At first he didn't really want to go near it, but he warmed up to it quite quickly and was running around in no time. He really tried to catch the water in his mouth/hands, it was quite cute.