Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We woke up on Friday to a white 'Christmas' so we thought we would make the most of it.
I've been trying to get things for Joseph for Christmas, but they keep kind-of ending up out in plain sight for him to play with. Ooops.
I guess mommy enjoys the excitement on her little ones face a little too much to wait ALL the way to Christmas. Plus, wouldn't it be over-whelming if he got it all on one morning?

You should have saw the look on his face when he saw a playhouse!

He loves his table and chairs to sit at and color.

Boxes have always been a favorite!

My only problem is...what to get him to open on Christmas morning!! I love Christmas, maybe it should last all year!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!

Holiday picture time. We had quite a wait at Portrait Innovations today, I picked a bad time on a bad day. Joseph did OK with the wait but just wasn't himself for the picture session. Probably had something to do with his dinner being delayed by about 2 hours...he just wanted to do it HIS way.

Which meant standing on the chairs...

And running around the place...

And screaming!

We brought Tigger along to encourage bouncing. Nope. He just stood there and watched Tigger like he had never seen him before. At home he bounces with Tigger until he wears himself out. The photographer probably thought it was a new toy. He bounced about twice, fortunately the photographer snapped a pic!

Poor Tigger!

Christmas pictures turned out pretty well, though the smiles were few!

And only one with drool!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a weekend project!!

This weekend Joe and I decided to start the front flower bed wall. We had ordered the dry stack stone and it was delivered on Thursday. We just needed to dive in, so we did!!

The pictures above are at the end of one day of stacking. We had great weather!!

Check out the progress--and the result!! WOW! This project went a lot faster than we thought it would.
View from the office:

I'll take some pictures tomorrow morning! Even though these were taken at 5:30 they turned out a little dark...sorry!

OH, it's my first day at the new job tomorrow, WISH ME LUCK!!!

Trick or Treat!!

Joseph wouldn't actually say "Trick or Treat" but we did go up to a few houses and get some candy for him to play with.

He loved being a frog. We had practiced hopping all morning, but then we let him ride in the wagon for the night.

We only had one family come and trick or treat at our house, so we filled their pumpkin to the brim. The little 3 year old was very excited to have so much candy. We still had a ton of leftovers which Joe and I have been picking at and will continue to do until it's all gone. Next year I'm buying 2 king sized candy bars and that's it. Yeah right!