Monday, February 23, 2009

Mule drawn carriage ride

It was a sunny day and we really lucked out weather-wise for our carriage ride. Our tour guide was a little different but he gave a nice tour of the city so we can't complain! Joseph enjoyed waving to people and saying Hi as we drove by. He reverted to needing his Nuk later in the ride as it was nearing his naptime.

On the last leg of the tour he threw his Nuk out of the carriage! A waiter from a restaurant ran to the road, scooped up the Nuk, and delivered it to the carriage for Joseph. Of course I was saying "No, it's OK, we have others!" but was thankful that the waiter was so thoughtful!! Wow, southern hospitality at it's finest! Charleston is a very friendly city.

Charleston, SC Aquarium

Joseph had a great time at the aquarium. Unfortunately, with the lights and the glass reflecting the flash most of our pictures weren't the greatest.

Fortunately his favorite part of the aquarium were the hands-on activities (which really had little to do with fish) and the pictures turned out pretty well!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joseph at the Zoo

Joseph, Joe, Grandma and Grandpa Moore went to the N.C.Zoo for a few hours to take advantage of the fabulous weather we've been enjoying.