Saturday, September 27, 2008


We lost the camera battery charger in New Bern the weekend that we went, we haven't taken any pictures since. There's going to be a big hole in Joseph's baby book. I ordered a new charger though so hopefully our blog will be back on track soon. I'll be sure to over-compensate. I did add a few preview photos of Joseph's Halloween costume to the right hand side of the blog, take a look--he's going to be a frog. We're trying to teach him to say "ribbit-ribbit" but we haven't had much luck yet...

Get well soon Grandma. We love you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Emerald Isle FUN!!!

Weekend FUN!

The night before we left Joseph had no idea of how much fun he was going to have! (He never has any fun at home)

Joe and Joseph went out to Emerald Isle to hang out with some friends while mommy was at work.

Doesn't Joseph look like a fish out of water?!

So many cool photos...I think I have to put in a slide show. See my next post!