Sunday, July 27, 2008

The new house feels like a home!!

Joseph and Boober were such a help when we were packing up the old house and setting up the new one. I just realized Joseph's wardrobe in the following pictures and I assure you that there was a laundry day in between and that he usually wears more than a single piece of clothing. I promise.

Having all of the family down for a visit really warmed the house up nicely! The house really feels like our home.

We've nearly unpacked and have figured out a lot of stuff that was tossed to save on packing may be sort of missed. There are also a few things on the counter in the old kitchen that should have made there way over but haven't yet...(our vanilla extract was missed this morning but I don't think anyone even tasted the difference in the French toast).

Our new house has two guest bedrooms! I had so much fun getting the bed linens and new quilts for the rooms. With our futon made into a bed we had three guest beds! Even though, not every one had a bed and a bedside table with a lamp. (sorry Grandma and Grandpa)

And the cleaning crew is just finishing up while Joe and I relax on the back porch.

A First Birthday to Remember!

Joseph had an early first birthday celebration! Mommy forgot to get him a hat to wear, and there was no candle on the cake. Bad mommy, but she'll do her best to remember next year... Thanks to the visiting family for supplying the Ukrop's cake!!

On hand were his Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and his two Great-Grandmothers!

We had a wonderful weekend of cake, ice cream, and lots to eat!!

Joseph got lots of gifts!!! A sandbox, water table and tons of fun toys to play with at the beach. He also got some new jammies, and for those of you who know our little future Hugh Hefner (only in the wardrobe department!!) he'll be hanging out in those most of his weekends.
We've also learned a new silly song...(thanks Cousin Kayla and Makenzie)!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

We went to the beach....and forgot the camera!

Yep, that's right. We were at the beach, sand, surf and camera. Joseph loved everything, we'll have to remember to have a camera next time, no 'first time at the beach' photos for the scrapbook.
We did get him some bubbles which he enjoyed after our return, when we had a camera!